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A few years ago, I read Daniel Pink’s book, To Sell is Human: the Surprising Truth about Moving Others and strongly agreed with Daniel’s observation that most of the time we are trying to influence and modify other people’s behavior, whether we were actually in sales or not.  (See my post How do you influence others more effectively? Read to “To Sell is Human”)  We try to implement new policies in an organization, or get a project or budget approved – we are constantly trying to influence others.

With this realization, I started to collect and share articles and information on how to influence people more effectively.  I started reading books like Jeffrey Pfeffer’s  Power:  Why Some People Have  It – And Others Don’t (see my post How Do You Gain Power?) and books  on making more effective presentations.

Please contact me at if you have a good article or information to share.  Thank you!

Nathan lives in Newton, Massachusetts with his wife, two children and two dogs.

Nathan contributes to Employee or Independent Contractor?Massachusetts Staffing Law, Job Search Infographics, and Grit and Initiative

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