Smart businesswoman asking question at seminar with her colleagues near by
Smart businesswoman asking question at seminar with her colleagues near by

From themuse, Lolly Daskal of Inc. suggests using seven words to improve your ability to influence people.  Lolly  recommends using these words:

1. You

In a Yale study, you ranked as the number one most influential power word in English. Youshows compassion and empathy, which are at the heart of persuasive speech. The only way to boost the power of you is by using the person’s name. “You know it’s true, [name]” makes your pitch suddenly very meaningful.

2. Imagine

The word imagine expands the idea of what’s possible. Imagine you’ve won the lottery. Imagine you have the funding you’re seeking. Imagine living in your ideal house. It’s a word that opens opportunity—a word that says to skip all the worries. It bypasses critical thinking and goes straight to what feels good.

3. Act

Nothing is more powerful than action. When people act to make things happen, they move themselves closer to what they want—regardless of the outcome.

4. Because

The power of because lies on two fronts. For logical thinkers, there is great appeal in connecting cause and effect. But because works on emotions, too. If someone’s in line at Starbucks and asks to cut in front, the likely answer is no. But if that stranger adds “…because my child is waiting for me outside,” people are far more likely to say yes. Stating a reason helps people connect logically and emotionally….

I think the effect of the word “because” is  fascinating.  There is a dramatic increase in the success of asking to cut in line to make copies simply by using “because”.  “May I cut in line because I need to make copies?” yields significantly better results than simply “May I cut in line?”  Merely offering a reason, any reason, increases the effectiveness of the question.

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