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PsyBlog shares 1o really cool neuroscience research studies including one that identifies differences in the brain’s connectivity between males and females.  Other studies include:

2Hidden Caves in the Brain Open Up During Sleep to Wash Away Toxins

A new study published in the prestigious journal, Science, found that the brain may wash away toxins built up over the day during sleep.

The research discovered “hidden caves” inside the brain, which open up during sleep, allowing cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) to flush out potential neurotoxins, like β-amyloid, which has been associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

7Social Rejection Triggers Release of Natural Painkillers in the Brain

Contrary to the old ‘sticks and stones’ saying, it seems words can and do hurt, and the brain responds accordingly.

A new study has found that the body produces natural painkillers in response to social rejection, just as if it had suffered a physical injury.

10Neuroscience Reveals The Deep Power of Human Empathy

Without empathy, human beings are lonely, disconnected creatures.

And recent neuroscientific studies now demonstrate the enormous human capacity for empathy in the living mind.

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