Movie camera manFrom Forbes, William Arruda writes about the importance of  developing your own videos to showcase your brand and get to page one of Google search results.  He writes:

According to Forrester Research, your videos are much more likely than your text pages to get a coveted page-1 slot in Google. In fact, your videos can have a 50 times better chance of appearing on the first page than any given text page in the index. There aren’t a lot of marketing strategies that offer 50 to 1 odds in your favor. If you’ve been avoiding the video vortex, it’s time to dive in and put those odds to work for your brand.

Showing up on page 1 is essential if you want to get noticed. In a Gravitate Online study using a sample of over 8 million clicks, 94% of users clicked on a first-page result, while fewer than 6% clicked to the second page. One of the biggest drop-offs in clicks is between the 10th spot (bottom of the first page) and the 11th spot (top of the second page). So page 1 is IT if you want to showcase your brand.

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